Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lula - Crochet Scarf

I designed Lula in 2008.

She was an instant success, the patterns sold like hot cakes and have always done so.
The original (in the photo above) was made with all sorts of odds and ends that I had left over from other projects.

When I made her I didn't realise that other people would want to make her in exactly the same colours, so I re-wrote the pattern to say it needed Dazzle sock.
Lula has been to lots and lots of wool shows with NDS and she was beginning to look a bit old and tired, so this spring I decided to re-make her.

This time I made her with our Dazzle HT mini skeins

And sold her as a kit at shows, so our customers could make exactly the same scarf.

At the time of writing this blog post NDS has some Lula kits in stock, they are only an occasional item as the mini skeins are a pain in the arse to make.
Not only is the Lula kit in stock, but its also our featured kit of the week, which means you can buy the kit at a discount price of £25. 
It also means Lula just fits into NDS's free postage bracket.
Lula will revert back to her full price of £30 tomorrow evening at 7pm.
She would make a fantastic Christmas gift for all your crocheting friends or if you fancy a treat, just follow this link - LULA KIT

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  1. I made Lula from the original kit in 2008 and still get lovely comments whenever I wear it!