Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Drops Alpaca Colour Pack's & Bertie Update

As you might of guessed by now I have a lot of yarn, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 
I try and keep it in order of the colour wheel as the colour wheel is my main palette

So you can imagine I was delighted when I was invited to create a yarn pack for Dermores
I've chosen Drops Alpaca as its my favourite budget yarn. Its soft, crochets beautifully, comes in a range of beautiful colours and is amazingly good value. 

The colour wheel pack is perfect as blanket starter collection, I chosen colours that I love, use and go well together. You can find it in my shop on Deramores - Here

If you've already got some of the colours or just want to buy them one at a time, this is the list of colours in the pack.

Goldenrod - 2923
Dark lime - 2916
Olive Mix - 7233
Dark olive mix - 7238
Dark turquoise - 2918
Teal - 2919
Dark blue - 6790
Purple violet 4434
Dark Pink - 3770
Pink - 2921
Deep pink - 2922
Orange - 2915

I have to admit I've got rather a lot of it and use it all the time, I like to make up my own shade cards just to keep track of which colours I've used in case I need to buy some more for a blanket or rather what I've already got in my collection so I don't duplicate when I go on a yarn spending spree.

Albert update
Life is not really back to normal, I didn't realise how much a tiny grandbaby would disrupt our lives.....
At the moment we have a constant stream of family members coming to stay with us so they can meet the newest member.
Plus Dais had to have an emergency c-section so needs constant attention to stop her doing too much too soon, so I'm spending quite a lot of time with her cuddling Bertie :-)

Here he is with his Grandpa and Mummy enjoying the warm Exmoor sun on Sunday.

Monday, 4 September 2017


My first grandchild Albert Theodore, 7lb, 7oz, was born 33 minutes past midnight on the 1st of September 2017.

Normal service will resume when life calms down a bit :-))

Love Amanda

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Waiting for the Tuff

I should be writing blog posts and doing my normal daily social networking, but I am very absent and really struggling to concentrate.

I'm waiting for the tuff to arrive, the tuff is due in a couple of days and I can't wait to meet my new Grandbaby in the flesh for the very first time :-)
Here's the tuff yesterday, with its mummy on our walk through the Valley of Rocks to see the North Devon Mini Rally.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but definitely in the next couple of weeks........... :-)

Monday, 14 August 2017

Pin boards

At over 12 years ago I used to have a proper studio and a pin board, since then we have moved 5 times and I haven't had a suitable studio space or wall to place a board.
In those days I embroidered, painted and made patchwork art quilts, plus a small amount of batik, the board gave me the chance to pin out designs, move bits around and make sure I had the right colours.
It saved a lot of unpicking time.
I used to spend a lot of time looking at my board, just thinking.
(The photo's below aren't very good, they were taken with a old fashion point and click camera and then scanned into the computer, long before the days of the Iphone)

I've really missed having a board, and have had to rely on photographs, which are good for checking colour and design, but rubbish when it comes to moving pieces around to get the right layout.
I've done an awful lot of frogging :-)
So as you can imagine I am delighted and relieved  to have a new pin board in my new wool room (studio), fingers crossed the days of constant frogging are over.
The piece on the wall below maybe be a blanket one day or maybe it won't, but I can guarantee I'm going to spend a lot of time looking and rearranging :-)

If you fancy a board of your own they are very simple to make.
Mine is a sheet of polystyrene which I bought from Wickes DIY, I've painted it with 3 coats of white gloss paint which gives the pins something firm to press into.
I use sewing pins to pin with, as they don't damage the yarn (fabric) and are cheap and easy to replace.

Love Amanda