Thursday, 8 August 2019

Summer Sale & Pattern Updates

August seems to always be the month I run my summer sale and this year is no different.
This year I thought I'd test out a sale in my Etsy shop
There is a 25% discount on all the items including my book Rainbow Crocheted BlanketsI've re-listed it as Etsy have changed their free postage plan to sales over $35, I guess someone listened to all the complaints after all :-)

When I closed NDS in 2015 I decided I needed to rewrite and edit all my old patterns, I imagined it would take about 2 years. 
Four years later and I'm still rewriting, editing & drawing new charts. I really didn't think it would take me so long, but to be fair I have published 3 books and become a grandma to 2 tiny boys who live in the flat above me.
I have finished the main bulk of my patterns, all the blankets and garments are done, but I still have 4 shawls and 6 scarves to do. I need to edit the 10 designs and remake the samples, so they are going to take a lot longer, probably longer than the previous 43 designs. 
The first on the list is the much loved Angel scarf, I'm still being asked for the pattern nine years after I first designed it. I've misplaced the original sample, somewhere in one of our numerous moves, or maybe I gave it away it was so long ago

Anyway to celebrate my pattern rewriting achievement I've created 4 collections in my Ravelry shop. 

You can find the collections at the top of the page,
Each collection has a different selection of patterns.
Simply add 5 patterns from the same collection to your basket and you will receive a whopping 50% discount.

Happy Crocheting

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