Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A little bit tired

I'm a little bit tired and broken, we drove over 250 miles to spend the weekend with 2 of our bestest woolly friend's (Fyberspates and Chester Wool).
We haven't seen them for ages so had a lot to catch up on, the weekend was full of wool talk, plotting & planning, laughing and of course a lot of wine 😜
I didn't take many photos as I was too busy crocheting and talking about wool.

Yesterday on the way home we drove an extra 150 miles just to take a photo of the Pembrokeshire national park sign, sadly I don't have the photo as I was driving, so I've woken up this morning feeling my age.

I probably won't do much work today, so I'll do a blog post about this week's Pattern of the Week pattern tomorrow.
If you can't wait until then, it's my Plankton scarf, which you can find HERE

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