Thursday, 11 February 2016

Unravel 2016

I've always looked forward to the UNRAVEL FESTIVAL in Farnham, it marks the beginning of wool show season, NDS has been an exhibitor since the early days.
Last year when we broke down the NDS stand at our final NDS Unravel (also final NDS show ever) I was very sad to think we wouldn't be going back.
However as you probably already know Unravel came to the rescue and invited me to have a blanket exhibition at the 2016.

Unravel is unlike all the other shows NDS attended as it's the only one held in a proper building, the others are held at show grounds and cattle sheds.
The Farnham Maltings was a brewery dating back to 1750, so as you can imagine its like a rabbit warren which makes it an amazing venue for a wool show, every time you turn a corner there's a new room full of hidden woolly treasure to discover.

My exhibition is in the Long Kiln room, which where all the lectures are going to be held, its a long thin room and in theory we should be able to hang 12 blankets.
I will be sitting with the blankets at the times when there aren't any lectures, so you will probably need to check your programmes to work out when I'm there or maybe we can arrange some kind of signage.

I won't have any paper patterns for sale, but I will have a newly designed and printed collection of postcards and if you want to buy a pattern I will have pages and pages of Ravelry codes.
A single postcard will cost 60p and if you want to add a pdf pattern code it will cost £3 (which is 50p cheaper than on-line and as I'm not vat registered you don't have to pay vat).
You will also be able to buy the cards in sets.

There will be 12 blankets on the walls, plus 2 extra blankets which means there are 14 postcards in total.
I'm aiming to make these postcards collectable, so each time I have them printed there will be new images of each blanket, for example if the Kissing Kaffe postcard sells out at Unravel there will be a new image of Kissing Kaffe on sale at Yarndale.
I love the idea of collectable cards as I was an avid postcard collector as a child, I still have all 5,000 of them and have been carrying them around with me for decades as we move from house to house to house...sigh...

 Plus Lecchi and Spyro who won't be hung on a wall but will be at the show with me.

 One of the things I am really looking forward to is being able to spend quality talking time, I've never had more than a few minutes chat on the busy NDS stand so it will be wonderful to have a little bit longer with all of you.
I'm also really excited to be able to wander around the show visiting (& probably annoying :-) some of my woolly friends.
On the top of my hit list are the lovely Easyknits,  Jane Crowfoot,  Purlescence, Tall Yarns, The Little Grey Sheep & Anniken Allis, plus so many others it would take me hours and hours to list them all
And most importantly John Arbon Textiles who will be my home base, if you need me for anything one of them should know where I am, especially my lovely daughter Daisy.

I hope to see you there :-)
love Amanda

Most of the blankets are for sale, so I will have a price list with me, just in case you can't survive without owning one :-)

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