Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Cecily - Pattern of the Week

As I'm in pre-show chaos I thought I'd edit a really easy pattern for this week's pattern of the week, while I was searching my files I came across Cecily which was one of the first patterns I had published in a magazine.
I hadn't planned to re-edit my oldest patterns as some of them are odd shapes and need completely new samples.
But when I came across Cecily I decided it was really important that she was included in my grand pattern editing campaign.

Cecily was the cover girl for the first ever edition of Inside Crochet magazine and so holds a special place in my heart (incidently my Lecchi blanket was the cover girl for the very first Simply Crochet magazine :-)
The pattern needed an almost total re-write, but I'm happy with it and you can find it HERE
And the code is Cecilyweek7 if you add the code at checkout you will be able to buy Cecily for the special price of £2.

I would add some more photo's, but this is the only one I have and not only is it the only one, but the Cecily sample has disappeared, I guess it has been lost in one of our endless house moves, sadly I don't have time to re-make the sample so this will have to do.

Love Amanda - off to try and tame the pre Unravel show chaos

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