Monday, 3 August 2015

Harlequin wip

I will be selling John Arbon Textiles "Knit by Numbers DK" on my stand at Yarndale and if I don't have a blanket that uses KBN then its slightly pointless having the yarn.
The blanket is called Harlequin, because of the shape of the motif, also because anyone who knows John will know that he has a few Harlequin type similarities.

Yarndale is only about 9 weeks away, so my blanket needs to be made super quick and I have decided to document its progress and making.
So this is last week's progress .......

Day 1 - Wednesday 29th of July  
I went to see the lovely Juliet and stole 12 skeins of her and John's Knit by Numbers.


Wednesday afternoon and night - I wound 2 balls and crocheted 110 round 1's.

Day 2 - Thursday 30th July 
I wound another 2 balls and organised the round 1's into colours and crocheted all 110 round 2's

Day 3 - Friday 31st of July  
I wound another 5 balls and organised the round 2's into colours and crocheted 55 round 3 & 4's


Day 4 and 5 - Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of August
I didn't really do much at all, because I actually allowed myself to enjoy the weekend.
On Saturday morning we went to Lynton farmers market at the town hall, then in the evening we went to watch the raft race at Lynmouth and spent Saturday night dancing in the moonlight till midnight in the wet grass at the Beggars Roost Inn, behaving like 50 year old teenagers with our friends.
Yesterday morning I walked up Hollerday Hill with Juliet and spent the afternoon with Phil reading our books in the beautiful sunny beer garden at Hunters Inn.

But I did manage to wind the last 3 balls and crochet another 32 round 3 & 4's.

So now onto week 2, lets see where I am before next weekend, as we will be going to a wedding on the edge of the moor and do lots more behaving like 50 year old teenagers, I don't envisage much crochet happening :-)

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  1. Good for you! It's WONDERFUL to behave "like 50 year old teenagers"! I applaud you! Keep on behavin' like that! It'll keep you young - and most importantly - young at heart!

    That yarn looks amazing! How I wish I could go to Yarndale! I'm so jealous! I hear about it from Lucy over at Attic 24 - and I am drooling just thinking about all the yarny goodness going on!
    Stay young!