Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Blanket Club Update

Firstly here is Bettina's September Kaleidoscope crochet blanket.
Its a brilliant progress photo and much better than the one I took for the pattern (which you can see below)
I'm so pleased and proud of the way the member's blankets are developing, I can't wait until the finished blankets start appearing in December :-)

And I'm really excited to show you the below photo's of next year's Zodiac club blankets.
I've thought long and hard about how much I should reveal in these photo's, originally it was going to just be detail shot's, but the 2 January's side by side look so amazing that I have to show them off.

A huge Thanks to Nicky who is knitting the knitted blanket, she's never tackled anything like this before and I think she's done a brilliant job.

For some reason the colour's of the crochet blanket are wrong, but the knitted one is fine

And 2 detail shot's of "The Sun"

You can find all the club details HERE

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